March 2018

It is a now a little more than a year since Trump has been President. Politics can be very difficult to understand. Until recently, the stock market has been going up and up. President Trump has spoken many times that the market is up due to his tax plan and regulations policy. And that there has been a positive change in business optimism since he became President. The Democrats argue that the rising stock market is due to the past President Obama, and thus the Democrats take credit for the rising stock prices. Well, as we all know the stock market has been engaged in somewhat of a decline lately. Now the Democrats are calling it the Trump stock market and the Republicans are calling it the Obama decline. I love politics.

I don't know about you but I am tired of hearing all this nonsense about the Trump Campaign colluding with the Russians to win the election. The reason that I am tired of hearing this stuff is that as of today, there is absolutely no evidence of any such collusion. The main stream media looks ridiculous with their innuendos and speculations during the past year and a half. There is not one shred of evidence of anything illegal. And believe me that if there was any criminal wrong doing I would for prosecution and impeachment. The main stream media must realize how wrong they are and have now cut down on the time they spend on the Russia witch hunt. And before I rant and rave anymore, let me remind everyone that I am registered as an unaffiliated voter. I am not a Democrat or Republican. I do admit that some time ago, I switched my registration to Democrat, solely for the purpose of voting for Joe Lieberman in the Presidential Primary. When that was over, I switched back to unaffiliated.

I have noticed that the main stream media is clearly biased against President Trump. This is such a shame as I would like the Media to be unbiased. A free and unbiased press is necessary for the maintenance of our democracy. And now we have the awful situation of the top echelons of the Department of Justice and the FBI. Clearly there are a few people at the top of the FBI, such as Strozk, Page, McCabe, Comey, and others, that have deliberately taken sides and acted inappropriately or even illegally. I believe they should be prosecuted. There must be accountability!

Something to think about. Our government is composed of three separate and equal branches. At the head of the Executive branch is one person, the President. The judicial branch of government is headed by nine justices of the Supreme Court. The legislative branch, known as Congress, is comprised of 535 individuals. Most are level headed people like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Chuck Schumer. It is no wonder the approval rating of President Trump is higher than that of Congress.

The economy appears to be moving in the right direction, but I really am concerned about the ever growing National Debt. It is reasonable to estimate that by the end of Trump's first term, the national debt will breach $25 trillion dollars! And if interest rates rise a bit more, the interest paid out will exceed the amount of the military spending. The national debt is growing faster than the economy. I have always said that that is a recipe for disaster. This country is now headed to a financial disaster. At the present rate it is a certainty. The question is when. I believe that when we have a severe recession, the national debt will exacerbate the debt, the debt payments will only be possible with a lethal inflation. Things will not end well. The debt is incredibly deadly. But maybe we should trust our politicians to solve this problem. Why it is amazing how both parties work together for common good. We are screwed, and even worse, so are our children.

There are some interesting times ahead of us, and for sure, the times they are a changing. But then again, nobody asked me!

~ Malcolm


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