February 29th, 2016

Can you believe that the election season is upon us? It really is so unbelievable how the years pass. Hopefully you have good health, make money and enjoy yourself. There has got to be a lesson about life here somewhere. One thing I do know, is that youth is truly wasted on the young. And I am guilty of that!

The big story of this year has to be the tremendous fall in the price of oil. Besides we as consumers saving money at the pump, there are a myriad of other consequences. Certainly this will have a large influence on money flows. How this all plays out and effects us is quite unknown. I'm just happy that I wake up each morning and can feed and cloth myself.

Gasoline prices are certainly falling fast, and that is an immediate savings to anyone that buys gasoline. I myself drive about 1500 miles a month and this translates to savings of more than $80.00 a month! And if gasoline continues to fall I can easily save $1,200.00 a year. And the savings will increase as the price of oil falls. Recently the OPEC oil minister said that production will continue unabated. If anyone out there took Economics 101, they would remember that if supply increases faster than demand, the price will fall. By the way, this basic economic fact proves that our illustrious president knows nothing of economics. Unfortunately for all of us, we an incompetent President. Luckily, we have him for less than a year!

I think that money for households is very tight. It just costs such much money to pay bills and make ends meet. I believe that average household income in the USA is actually contracting. Our wonderful standard of living is in decline, unless you are living on government handouts. Virtually free housing (section 8), food stamps, free medical care (Medicaid), and probably some other government programs to give you a little extra! This is national suicide! And the government is paying for all this with borrowed money. How totally irresponsible and idiotic! The USA has become the land of handouts instead of the land of opportunity. There are so many lazy freeloaders in this country. There really has to be a time limit on these handouts. You work for thirty years, lose your job and get six months of unemployment benefits. You go on the government dole and get a lifetime of free benefits. Why the hell are taxpayers paying someone else's bills for life? This can not go on forever. This country is not on the right track.

Did anyone notice that interest rates for some country's sovereign bonds are clearly in the negative? Negative interest rates would be devastating. With negative interest rates, a normal saver would be better served taking their money out of the bank and keeping it as cash. The implications are scary. On top of all that, if the stock market continues to fall, many pension funds, both municipal and private, would be highly under funded. The debt can be overwhelming. Hold on to your hat!

Unfortunately for us, there is no good ending!

But then again, nobody asked me.

~ Malcolm


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