We are located just two blocks form Historic Independence Hall in downtown Philadelphia. Our location in Jeweler's Row offers suberb security. The process to redeem coins and banknotes or buy coins is simple, easy, and straightforward. Just refer to the charts on the Exchange Values page to determine the value. You can bring your coins and banknotes to our brick and mortar location or mail them.

Simple and Easy!

Most foreign money exchange firms do not buy coins. This is due to the cumbersome nature and difficulties involved. We buy the coins and pay a fair and reasonable price.
In addition we buy bank notes of the countries listed. If you are in town stop by and deliver the coins in person... payment is immediate.

If you are bringing coins please call ahead. Monday – Saturday.

We buy coins and banknotes for the following:
Euros, British Pounds, German Marks, Canadian, Swiss Francs, Australian Dollars, Italian Lire, Austrain Schillings, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Israel, Mexican, Irish, and many more.

For US Gold, Silver and Copper coins click here

Mailing coins for payment is so easy!

1. Make a list, sort the coins by country and send them by US mail
to our brick & mortar location in downtown Philadelphia.

2. Send the coins mixed via US Mail and we will sort them.
This will delay payment by a few days due to the time
needed to sort your coins.

Either way mail all shipments to:


There is no minimum shipment but if you mail over $800 of value we will refund your postage as long as you use the US Post Office Flat Rate Box.