Paper money of the United States of America was first issued in the year 1861. This was necessitated by the financial needs caused by the funding of the Civil War. In addtion, the Confederacy also issued paper money during the war years. Previously, during Colonial times, the various states issued their own money, which soon became worthless. During the Revolutionary War, Congress issued so much paper money that it also because virtually worthless. However, all paper money issued by the authority of the United States of America is, to this day, legal tender.

The smallest notes issued were fractional currency notes with a value of just three cents! The largest note issued was for $100,000.

Over the years, different types of currency have been issued. From the familiar silver certificates to our childhood notes of World War II, our currency has undergone many changes. Formerly the size of the bills, known as horse blankets, was 7.25" x 3.125" until it was reduced in 1928 to its present size of 6" x 2.5". Today, the anti-counterfeiting measures have produced many technological changes.

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