Rare Coins

Most coins that people have are generally fairly common. That does not mean that they are inexpensive, just that they are fairly easily available. For instance, a $20.00 St. Gaudens Double Eagle, which contains .9675 of an ounce of pure gold, can easily cost $1,000.00 or more. This price is what “ common dates “ presently trade for with gold prices hovering around $950.00 per ounce. As is quite obvious, the premium is quite low at present market conditions. Certainly we can all agree that a coin which may cost $1,000.00 or more is a tidy sum of money. But even at these low premiums the coin is not at all rare or even to a lesser degree scarce. If however the coin were in a remarkable state of preservation, that could elevate the status to scare or even rare. These terms of scarce and rare are subjective and will vary among knowledgeable numismatists. Even here at Sansom Coin Exchange, with a staff of over 75 combined years of professional experience we have our differences of opinions. Something to keep in mind is that coins which have very low mintages combined with low survival rates can be classified as scarce or rare.

Examine for a moment a classic Lincoln Cent, the 1909 S VDB. With a relatively high mintage of 484,000 coins a circulated specimen can easily cost $500.00 and higher. A common date, certainly not, scarce, yes, but rare, not in our opinion. But if perhaps this coin were in absolute pristine condition, it can easily be classified as rare, and would concurrently be worth many thousands of dollars.

Sansom Coin Exchange deals in a whole spectrum of common to rare coins. We will purchase bags of wheat cents, ( 5,000 coins per bag ), at approximately $150.00 / bag, or .03 cents each, or a 1909 S VDB for thousands of dollars each. We deal in common gold coins and the classic rarities. We are quite keen to purchase all U.S. and foreign coins.

There is a 1907 $20.00 Double eagle that sells for many thousands of dollars, yet the mintage of 12,367 is relatively high. This is a situation of a splendidly beautiful coin which is in very strong demand. A good example of the principle of supply and demand.

Whether you wish to dispose of a collection, or accumulation, Sansom Coin Exchange is your ready resource. Our staff has over 75 years of professional experience. In addition, we really enjoy dealing in coins. For us, it is not a job or work, it is our passion.

Feel free to call and discuss your particular needs. We are good listeners and are available to talk to you personally, in an open, frank, and transparent consultation.